Zapantera Negra (2017)

Vertov, Snow, Farocki : Machine Vision and the Posthuman (2013/2015)

Consigned for Auction (2013)

Live rightly, die, die (2012)

Escape Velocity (2012)

Editions (2003-2012)

Millet Matrix Project (2010-2014)

Tim Clark. Reading the Limits: Works/Oeuvres 1975-2003 (2008)

Matrix for Yellow Light Series (2004-2005)

Beyond the Image Machine: A History of Visual Technologies (2004)

A Blinding Flash of Light: Photography Between Disciplines and Media (2004)

DUCTION [with Michèle Thériault] (2001)

The Encoded Eye, the Archive, and its Engine House (1998-2000)

Transcultural Space and Transcultural Beings (1996)